The Grand Opening!

Today, unceremoniously, after many months of brainstorming and trial-and-error, I am utterly pleased to premiere Emblem Ephemera, my online art gallery and hub for all things visually creative. This is the artist, F. Kromminga, at the keyboard… as I anticipate it shall always be.

(But Franny, you’ve been making art without a designated platform for years. Why create a space now?)

Over a year ago (it is currently August 12, 2021), my primary means of creativity and employment (theatre) was upended, thanks to COVID-19. I suddenly had a lot of time and a lot of incentive to figure out how to grow my art business instead. In the early days, my business bloomed organically through connections and word-of-mouth, but at this point it is what some people know me for. It was time to give my art its own room to shine, and to introduce more streams of revenue than only accepting private commissions.

(Why is it called “Emblem Ephemera”? Your name is already so unique!)

First, thank you, my parents had excellent taste.
Second, the name “Franny Kromminga” is associated with a theatrical career that I still intend to pursue, and is registered with Actors’ Equity Association!
For a long time, I considered making a general site featuring a little bit of everything I do… but ultimately I decided that would be too aesthetically limiting, as well as possibly confusing to people who sought me out for one subject versus another. FRANNYKROMMINGA.COM became my theatre site, so I came up with a separate Art Brand Name that I felt was evocative of my style. Thanks to my love of obscure words and the gratuitous use of, I hit on Emblem Ephemera. It rang out to me because both words are already associated with aesthetic concepts, and it feels both bold and ethereal at the same time. Somehow, it reminds me of sunlight through new summer leaves, or bright black ink scrawled in looping script over a bit of parchment.

(So what’s new? What does having this site change about your business?)

I’m so glad you asked! With this platform my intention is to create a home base for multiple offshoots:
-My RedBubble shop, featuring stickers, stationery, and some other fun products!
-Digital Downloads available for purchase on my Gallery & Shop page, with the intention of adding physical art soon!
-The brand-new Emblem Ephemera Instagram profile, which will house the majority of my social media art content, moving forward!
-As well as the new Emblem Ephemera Twitter profile, where I’ll share links to new blog posts and work!
I am also thinking of adding a profile to TikTok… so stay tuned.

(But do you still take commissions? I really want to get this thing done for the Holidays—)

Let me stop you right there. YES, commissions are still open, including for the 2021 holiday season. I keep a calendar of availability and will place a notice on my home page when there is no longer room. However, as always, please consider contacting me for projects sooner rather than later! Feel free to email me at If you know me personally, it’s fine to reach out through whatever means you’d usually use, too.

(So much talking!! Where is the art??)

To conclude this “Grand Opening,” I’ll leave you with some behind-the-scenes photos. That’s what this blog section will likely become: a lot of works-in-progress shots and process photos, because it’s the transformation from loose supplies to complete creation that I find fulfilling. These shots feature workstations, or “micro-studios,” from many places I have lived over the last few years.

Cheers to art, to life, and to Emblem Ephemera!